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Molded Rose Candle


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Let's Get Started Making Silicone Molded Rose Candles
Rose Candle Setup

Rose Candle Setup

David Fisher
Many candle makers have used silicone molds for years. They're wonderful for making intricate soaps and candles, but until recently have not been very affordable.

But lately, most discount stores like Target and Wal-Mart have been carrying these silicone molds in the baking section - and they're very inexpensive!

For this project you'll need:

  • A silicone baking mold - I'm using a rose pattern, but I've seen them in flowers, cinnamon rolls and other interesting options.
  • A blend of wax appropriate for pillars or votives - I'm using IGI 1343
  • Wick appropriate for the size candle that will be molded - I'm using a #1 cotton core braid - wire core also works well. The wick I am using is rated for 2-3" candles.
  • Fragrance and color, as desired
  • Glitter, if desired
  • An understanding of basic candle safety

Note: You can use these instructions for basically any candle that uses a similar type of mold - just adjust your color and/or fragrance accordingly.

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