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How to Make an Ice Candle


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Let's Get Started Making an Ice Candle
Setup for Ice Candle

Setup for Ice Candle

David Fisher
I know...I know...most of us made one of these in the 3rd grade using an empty cardboard milk container and some string for the wick. We're a bit more advance candle makers now, - but it's still an easy and fun candle project.

For this project you'll need:

  • A mold of some sort - yes, you can even use a cardboard milk container - I'm using a pillar candle mold
  • A relatively high melt point wax - a pillar blend, or a hurricane blend - I'm using IGI 1014 - but there are different types of wax you can use.
  • A candle to use as the "core" - I'm using a ball candle and a standard taper
  • Color and/or fragrance as desired
  • Ice, chopped into small pieces/chunks
  • A basic understanding of Candle Safety

For more illustrations for this project check out the Ice Candle Gallery

Ready? Let's get started!

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