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Floating Flower Candles


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Let's Make Floating Flower Candles
Floating Candles Setup

Setup for Floating Candles

David Fisher
This project is a more advanced variation of my Basic Floating Candles project that uses a muffin pan as a mold. While the simple round candles that the muffin pan makes are wonderful, I wanted to make something a little more extravagant, so I got out these two piece floating flower molds. It's basically the same procedure as for any molded or votive candle, but the final candle is a floating flower.

For this project you'll need:

  • A floating flower mold - (Note: I'm using a Sunflower mold that I got from Pourette a couple of years ago. They had all sorts of really wonderful unique candle molds - but they've since gone out of business. Check Ebay for Pourette molds - or many of the other candle suppliers have floating flower molds.)
  • A votive or pillar blend wax - I'm using IGI 4761. It's a nice creamy, low-shrink votive blend.
  • A few inches of wick appropriate for your candle - I'm using a wick that would normally be considered too small for this candle - a votive wick 44-24-18z - but because it's a floater, I've "wicked down" to let the candle burn down through the center and float as long as possible.
  • Fragrance and color, as desired. I'm using Chrysanthemum Fragrance Oil and a gold color chip, ((sigh) also from Pourette - you'll have to use a liquid color - or another supplier's colorant.)
  • Clothespins or binder clips to clamp the mold closed
  • A coffee can or large glass to hold the mold
  • Basic candle making equipment and an understanding of Candle Making Safety and Candle Making Basics
Got it all ready? Let's get started!
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