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How to Make a Basic Pillar Candle


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Insert a Wick and Enjoy Your Pillar Candle
Add a Wick and Enjoy

Add a Wick and Enjoy

David Fisher
If you poured the candle with the wick in place - without a wick pin - you're done! Let the candle cure for at least 24 hours and enjoy!

If you used a wick pin, gently insert your wick, and do the same.

Be sure to burn the candle at least one hour for each inch of its diameter the first time you burn it. Take notes on how it behaves, how big the melt pool becomes (and how quickly.)

As the pillar burns down (assuming it's burning well), you can "hug" the candle, that is, gently press the outside rim of the candle in a bit so that the top rim melts and the candle burns evenly all the way down.


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