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How to Make a Basic Pillar Candle


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Make Basic Molded Pillar Candle
Weigh the Wax

Weigh the Wax

David Fisher
While most people start with making votive candles, most commercially available candles are pillars. They adorn shelves, counters, windows and tables all over the world.

The principles to make them are pretty much the same as for any candle - a balance of wax, wick, fragrance and size.

For this project you'll need:

  • Pillar Blend Wax (I'm using IGI 4625)
  • Appropriate Wick (I'm using an HTP 105)
  • Pillar Candle Mold (I'm using a metal 3" x 8" mold)
  • Fragrance or Essential oil
  • Colorant, dye chip, or dye
Figure out how much wax your mold will need, weigh it, and put it into your melting pot.


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How to Make a Basic Pillar Candle

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