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Peppermint Ice Melt and Pour Soap


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Unmold Your Icy Soap Creations
Finished Soap

Peppermint Ice Soap

David Fisher
Once it's cooled, pop the bars out of the molds and enjoy!


  • How hot you pour the final melted soap "base" (the soap that surrounds the slivers) will determine how much "running" or "bleeding" of the colors you get. (You may also get some color bleed with certain soap colors, but that's not what we're talking about here.) If you pour cool, the slivers should stay intact. If you pour it hotter, some of the slivers will start to melt and the color will sort of "drift" through the bar - an interesting effect.
  • Using a paint brush, dab a little more of the mica either onto the slivers or into the mold itself, like we did in the Gem Stones project
  • Instead of just blue, use a combination of blue and green. Or for some "Fire and Ice" use red or orange colorant!
  • Use a mandolin or shredder to make curled embeds instead of straight
  • Chop the blue slivers into tiny chunks, leaving the pearl ones long - they'll look almost like little crystals among the ice slivers

That's the fun with melt and pour soap - you can be creative and let your imagination run wild. Enjoy!

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