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Cool Water Melt and Pour Soap Project


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Cool Water Swirled Melt and Pour Soap Project
setup for swirled melt and pour project

Setup for swirled melt and pour soap project

David Fisher
Many soap makers think you can't make swirls in melt and pour soap - but yes you can! It's different than with cold process soap, but it's possible. You need to work quickly, but this project will show you a basic layered melt and pour swirl technique with a cool, rushing water theme that can be modified to create most any kind of swirl you can imagine for a melt and pour soap.

For this project, you'll need:

  • white melt and pour soap base
  • clear melt and pour soap base
  • fragrance or essential oil that will not discolor
  • blue soap colorant
  • white or snowflake mica (there are many variations of white, sparkly mica)
  • blue or other "cool" colored mica
  • a couple of teaspoons of liquid glycerin to pre-mix the colorants
  • several two-cup measuring cups
  • soap mold with individual cavities. I'm using a fabulous Bramble Berry 12-cavity silicone mold.
  • swirling tools - rubber spatula, chopstick, mini whisk

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