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Apple Cider Soap


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Apple Cider Melt and Pour Soap Project
apple cider melt and pour soap set up

Tools and ingredients for apple cider melt and pour soap project

David Fisher
In these days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was thinking about some soap projects that would be festive and appropriate. I was recently inspired by a Melt and Pour Jelly Roll soap project that Anne-Marie Faiola of Brambleberry posted where she used a rolled soap embed to create a whimsical, fun soap.

I took that same principle and applied it to one of my favorite holiday drinks - hot apple cider. I imagined a honey-cider colored base soap garnished with a lemon peel twist and a cinnamon stick. (It could just as easily be cool, iced apple cider too...and perfect for a cool summer soap.)

For this project you'll need:

  • clear melt and pour soap
  • white melt and pour soap
  • liquid glycerin
  • yellow mica
  • brown mica
  • yellow, red and/or orange liquid soap colorant
  • fragrance or essential oil of your choice
  • two small shallow baking pans
  • a log or loaf style soap mold
  • basic understanding of melt and pour soap making
  • small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • thermometer
  • scale, pyrex measuring cups/pitcher, whisks, measuring spoons
Note: While you're putting this soap project together, may I suggest you make one of these real hot apple cider recipes to sip while you're making soap!

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