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Top 17 Ideas and Articles for Organizing Your Craft Room


Do you spend more time finding the materials and ingredients for your craft project than actually making the craft? Is "Organizing the Craft Room" perpetually on your "To Do" list? When my soap and candle room is well organized, I can easily find what I'm looking for to make a project. Unfortunately, that's not as often as I like, so I set out to find some resources to help me get the craft room more organized. Here are the best articles and resources I found.

1. Organizing Your Craft Room

A great article with clear things to think about and steps to take.

2. Overlooked Storage Spaces

Get organized by finding unused storage space in your house!

3. Eco Friendly Craft Room Organization Ideas

This DIY video gives you some earth-friendly ideas to organize your craft room.

4. Organized Craft Room Ideas

Looking for crafty ways to organize your craft supplies? Check out this roundup of fabulously organized craft rooms and get inspired to design your own.

5. Pinterest Craft Room and Organizing Ideas

Dozens of clips and ideas to inspire you and your craft room organization!


6. The Art of Organizing

You don't have to be an artist to have some "art" in your organization. Tips for the organizationally challenged.

7. The Feng Shui of Storage Spaces

Use feng shui to create efficient and attractive storage spaces; and then apply feng shui regulary so that they stay this way.

8. Craft Room Makeover Ideas

Great makeover ideas that are simple to execute.

9. Space for Crafts

Lots of great ideas from crafters all over the United States!

10. Holiday How-To: Organizing for the Holidays (and Beyond)

A great primer from the folks at Etsy that talks about organizing both your space and your time - how to plan, manage and organize your craft space.
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