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All About Mailbag Monday

Answers to Reader's Questions about Soap and Candle Making


All About Mailbag Monday

Questions answered here!

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I get dozens of questions each week about soap making and candle making through email and the Candle and Soap Making Forum. If you have a question you'd like an answer to, submit it for a Candle and Soap Making Mailbag Monday!

What Is Mailbag Monday?
Mailbag Monday is your opportunity to ask candle and soap making questions and have them featured here on the site. I will do my best to answer each and every question either privately or as the weekly Mailbag Monday blog post.

How to Get Your Question Answered on Mailbag Monday
To submit a question for me to answer on Mailbag Monday, email me at candleandsoap@aboutguide.com with the phrase "Mailbag Monday" in the subject line. Include your question (in as much detail as possible), your first name and where you're writing from. Each week, I'll feature a question that's topical, applies to other soap and candle makers, and hasn't already been answered (check the Mailbag Monday archive to see) and give you the answer and additional information.

If your question is featured as the Mailbag Monday selection, I'll just give your first name and where you're writing from. (I won't publish any additional identifying information (e.g. your last name, email address, etc.) You're free to share the link to your question/answer with friends, add it to your own website or post it in other candle or soap making forums or blogs, but the text of the post cannot be copied.

So if you have a great question about candle making, soap making, or one of the crafts related to candle or soap making, just email me for Mailbag Monday, and be sure to check out the Mailbag Monday archive

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