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Teaching the World to Soap
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Beauty in Haiti

Amanda Grifin and Marla Bosworth
It started with a simple email from a stranger:

Dear Marla,
I am working with 200 women living in a tent camp in Haiti to set up businesses. One of their desires is to make soap and I have promised I will help this to happen. I am a human rights photographer with no experience in this regard and no funds. I live in NYC but travel to Port au Prince almost every month. If I could have some minutes of your time for basic advice, I would be grateful. These women are AMAZING and need to support themselves.
Best regards,
Paula Allen

After receiving this email, Marla Bosworth of the Back Porch Soap Company put out a call to other soap makers asking who would be interested in being a part of a soap teaching adventure. She had worked with fellow soapmaker Amanda Grifin of Lovin' Soap on many projects and classes, but never one this size, and not in a foreign country. But soap makers are an optimistic and creative bunch - so the two of them planned and planned for seven months - and then made this dream trip come true.

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