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Valentine's Day Soap Making Projects

Soaps & Soap Projects for the Annual Day of Love


I've long maintained that scent is the key thing that attracts people to handmade soaps - whether as soap makers, or soap users. And what holiday could be more scent-centered than Valentine's Day. From roses to chocolate to champagne to candlelight - all the scents of the day combine to create an ambiance of sensuality, peace and love. Here are several projects to use as gifts for your Valentine, or to selfishly (but just as wonderfully) pamper yourself on V-Day.

1. Valentine's Layered Melt and Pour Soaps

Layered Valentine's Day Soaps
David Fisher
This project is based on layering the soap, rather than embedding it. It's laborious...and takes some time...but the results are unlike any other sort of soap you can make. These candy heart molds are perfect for this soap technique.

2. Valentine's Day Funnel Pour Swirl

David Fisher
This soap uses a two-color funnel pour for the swirl, and then a squeeze bottle to add on 3D hearts on the top.

3. Valentine's Heart Soaps

Valentine's Heart Soaps
David Fisher
Treat your honey, your special sweetheart, or yourself to some fun easy-to-make Valentine's Day soaps!

4. Soap on a Rope

Valentine's Day Soaps on Ropes
David Fisher
Whether used alone, or shared in the shower, Valentine's Day and Soaps on Ropes just seem to go together.

5. Cocoa Butter Massage Bars

Cocoa Butter Massage Bars
David Fisher
It's a little bit lotion, a little bit massage oil - closely related to the candle - but in a class all by itself...the massage bar. With ingredients you probably already have on your shelf if you're a candle and soap maker, you can make these decadently easy massage bars.

6. Valentine's Day Fragrances

ULTRA.F / Getty Images
Love is in the air...and so should the scents of your custom made soaps and candles! Here are my Top 10 Valentine's Day Candle and Soap Fragrance Oils. They're not in any particular order...just my 10 current favorites - each is so very different.

7. Citrus Honey Bock - Soap Made with Beer

George Marks / Getty Images
The warm, sweet honey scent of the soap - and the novelty of having a soap made with your favorite beer - make this a fun, sudsy alternative to chocolates or other gifts for Valentine's Day.

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