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Gifts for Candle Makers & Soap Makers

Just the Right Holiday Gifts!


It's that most wonderful time of the year - and time to either be putting together your own holiday gift list - or be shopping for that soap & candle maker on your list. Here are a variety of gift lists, book lists and other ideas to get that soap or candle maker something really special!

1. Gifts for Melt & Pour Soap Makers

David Fisher

Many soap makers get their start making melt and pour soap - and many soap makers never stop. If you have a melt and pour soap maker (or budding soap maker) on your holiday gift list, here are some great ingredients, books and tools to inspire their soap making well into the new year.

2. Great Books for Candle Makers

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Here are the books I go back to when I'm looking for candle inspiration. They're both "how-to" books, as well as "idea" books that show the amazing multitude of ways that candles can be used to decorate, enlighten (again, pun intended) and otherwise brighten our homes and our lives. You'll not only earn new ways to make votives, but you'll also learn new ways to use votives and incorporate them into your home.

3. Gifts for Cold Process Soap Makers

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Soap makers get started making soap for a variety of reasons...and in a variety of ways. For some, it's a book that inspires. For others, a desire to make your own soap, from scratch, by hand. If you're a soap maker, or aspiring soap maker, or if you have a soap maker on your holiday gift list, here are some great ingredients, kits and tools to help propel your soap making well into the new year.

4. Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Gift List

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The one aspect that draws both candle & soap makers together is scent. Both crafts are strongly based in our sense of smell. These gifts are sure to delight the budding aromatherapist or lover of essential oils.

6. Great Books for Soap Makers

creative soap making by elin criswell
The Country Soaper

If you want to make soap from scratch, or give a soap making book to a loved on, here are my recommendations and reviews of the best soap making books available. Some are classics, and some are new, but they'll all walk you through the craft of soap making.

7. Budget Conscious Gifts for Soap Makers

Bramble Berry

We've been hearkening back to our frugal candle and soap making roots and celebrating the fact that we can make wonderful holiday gifts very frugally! Here are some gift ideas including some pre-assembled kits and some "from scratch" projects for those of you who prefer to do it yourself. Whether you use a pre-arranged kit, or put them together yourself, you'll be able to create wonderful gifts and save money too.

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