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Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Holiday Gift List

The Perfect Gift for the Melt and Pour Soap Maker on Your List


The one aspect that draws both candle & soap makers together is scent. Both crafts are strongly based in our sense of smell. The first thing customers do when they pick up a bar of soap or a candle is put it right to their nose. And it's no wonder that our sense of smell is so much a part of our passion for soap and candle making - the part of the brain responsible for our sense of smell—the limbic system—is the center of where our feelings and memories are held.

Here are some great gifts for the candle or soap maker that loves aromatherapy and essential oils - or wants to broaden their understanding and use of them.

1. The Complete Book of Essential Oils by Valerie Ann Worwood

Worwood's book gives great background into the uses and history of essential oils. It is not as splashy and illustrated as the Julia Lawless - where this one excels is in the practical advice and recipes. Worwood makes essential oils and aromatherapy "do-able" by creating a "Basic Care Kit", "Basic Travel Kit" and others. She also gives hundreds of recipes for everything from hair care, insomnia, perfumed pillows, and some (if I say so myself) wonderful recipes for "Party Punches". It's also full of great charts that you'll refer to again and again.

2. Basic Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Kit

Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

This is a wonderfully comprehensive starter kit for aromatherapy. It contains the book The Aromatherapy Companion by Victoria H. Edwards, an 8 oz. bottle of fractionated coconut oil, an 8 oz. bottle of peach kernel oil and ten 1/4 oz. bottles of essential oils most commonly used in aromatherapy for basic first aid and general illness.

The essential oils included within this kit are: Cypress, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Geranium Bourbon, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Ylang Ylang Extra & Tea Tree.

As you can see there is a nice mix of florals, green scents and citrus here - plenty of variety to learn to experiment and blend.

3. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless

I have spent hours just browsing the pages of this wonderfully colorful illustrated book. It is both comprehensive and also accessible for beginners. Each page features an essential oil - including a photo of the plant/part of the plant it comes from, herbal & folk traditions surrounding the oil, aromatherapy and other uses, how the oil is extracted, and most importantly, clear safety data. Its primary focus is in the aromatherapy and medicinal properties of essential oils, but there's plenty of information for candle and soap makers too!

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4. Aromatherapy Starter Kit

McMillan Digital Art / Getty Images

Another really great essential oils starter kit, with a couple of unique choices, this pack contains thirteen 1/6 oz. bottles of essential oils including Aniseseed, Bergamot, Cedarwood Virginia, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Grapefruit (pink), Lavender, Lemon, Orange (sweet), Patchouli, Peppermint, Pine, Tea Tree.

It also contains 13 disposable pipettes, 13 ziplock bags to store the pipettes, 2 oz. of jojoba, 2 oz. of almond or sunflower oil, three 1/6 oz. amber glass bottles with orifice reducers, two 1 oz. HDPE plastic bottles and four 1/2 oz. HDPE plastic bottles. You can really experiment with this set and it contains a great variety of top, middle and base notes to really learn about essential oil blending.

5. Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions Book by Donna Maria Coles Johnson

This marvelous book by my friend and colleague Donna Maria Coles Johson is a wonderful resource for understanding how essential oils affect can help us live better on the inside (our mood and health) and the outside (our skin.) It has a great collection of easy recipes for creams and lotions - and if you make soap, you may already have a lot of the ingredients on hand.

6. Columbus Essentials Cooking Oils Gift Pack

Columbus Essentials

Many essential oils can be used in soap and candles as well as in cooking! The folks at Columbus Essentials have put together a gift pack of some of their finest edible oils - and their favorites for cooking. They are great beginner oils for those who want to learn to cook with essential oils or make soap and candles. The cooking set contains lemon, peppermint and orange essential oils. Mmmmmm.

7. Bramble Berry Perfume Kits

Michael Gosbee / Getty Images

While not essential oils, I love these perfume kits in that they make scent blending SO easy and fun. With the kits, you get three different complimentary fragrances in a particular theme - florals, mysterious, couture, musk, confections, and can then blend them to create a unique, signature scent for yourself. You get specific recipes as well as general instructions on the philosophy of scent blending. These kits can help better understand the overall world and technique of scent blending.

8. Roll-on Bottles

You can use these roll-on bottles to create your own roll-on aromatherapy. You'll be so proud of the blends that you create that you'll want to wear them everywhere. These make that really easy. They're also great for aromatherapy applications - headache blends, relaxation blends, bug-repellent blends.

9. Essential Oils for Invigoration Sampler

Plush Studios / Getty Images

This sampler of essential oils all known for their "invigorating" abilities includes 1/2 ounce bottles of oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, White Grapefruit, Lime, Coriander, Cypress and Bergamot. These oils are great for reviving the spirit and stimulating the mind. It also includes pipettes and fractionated coconut oil for diluting the oils.

10. Columbus Essentials Relaxation Set

Columbus Essentials
The Relaxation Oils Gift pack contains the well-known relaxing essential oil, lavender, but also contains geranium essential oil - which smells a bit floral and a bit citrus-like, and marjoram essential oil, a lesser known, but wonderful relaxing essential oil.
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