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Christmas Melt and Pour Scrubbies


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Finished Christmas Melt and Pour Soaps - Out of the Mold and Into the Tub
Finished Christmas melt and pour soaps

Finshed Christmas melt and pour scrubby soaps

David Fisher
Set the soaps aside to cool. It will take a few hours for them to harden up enough to remove from the mold. Pry the "test caps" off with a knife, being careful not to damage them. (So that you can reuse them.)

With most soap bases, you'll be able to just pull gently on the scrubbie and the soap will come out easily. Some soap bases will be a bit harder to get out. If they are, just put the molds in the refrigerator for an hour or so. That usually makes it easier.

Another trick, should you need it - with these particular PVC pipe molds, put a regular size can of soup on the counter and push the mold down onto the can. The can will exactly fit into the inside of the pipe mold, pushing the soap up out of the mold.

Trim or round the edges, if needed, and you're ready to go. Since it's melt and pour soap, you can use them right away!

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