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Christmas Container Candles


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Let's Get Started Making Christmas Container Candles
Christmas Containers

Christmas Containers

David Fisher
Candles have been a part of Christmas and the World's festivals of light for thousands of years. Candles also make great, easy-to-make gifts for the holidays.

These candles are an easy way to fill your home with holiday visuals and scents. You can use any container you like, from Christmas coffee mugs, to a holiday shot-glass, to a hand-painted bucket. Just make sure it's safe to use as a candle container.

For this project you'll need:

  • A suitable container - I'm using holiday coffee cups I got at the local craft store
  • A container blend wax - I'm using Cargill C-3 Soy wax flakes
  • A suitable wick - I'm using a CD-18, but an HTP105 or ECO wick would work well too
  • Wick stickum or bit of glue
  • Fragrance, as desired
  • Color, if desired
  • Wick bar or drinking straw
  • Basic candlemaking equipment
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