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Hanging Pumpkin Candle Holders


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Let's Make Some Hanging Pumpkin Candle Holders
Setup for Hanging Pumpkin Tea Lite Holders

Setup for hanging pumpkin tea lite holder

David Fisher
It seems that these days pumpkins come in more sizes and shapes and colors than when I was a kid. Nowadays you can get small pumpkins and big pumpkins, green, orange, yellow, beige, white and green pumpkins.

And pumpkins are not just for Halloween jack o'lanterns and pie anymore. Pumpkins have become a major autumn decorating item and this is one of my favorite pumpkin candle crafts when then weather turns cool.

I first saw this project in a book called Nature Crafts for Kids - except in the book, the hanging candle lanterns are made with turnips, not pumpkins. I had the turnips in the grocery cart when I saw these perfect sized miniature pumpkins at the store. The turnips got a reprieve.

But whether you use a turnip or a pumpkin, and whether you make these mini hanging candle lanterns jack o'lantern style, or with some other design that will be suitable all autumn, they're sure to light up your home with a wonderful, whimsical glow.

For this project you'll need:

  • A few small pumpkins (or turnips)
  • A sharp knife or two (a big serrated bread knife is good to cut the tops off; a small paring knife is good to cut out the designs)
  • A spoon and bowl to scoop out the seeds
  • A small approx. 1/8" drill bit (and drill) to make the hanging holes and other size drill bits to make different sized holes - you can also use an awl or other long, sharp knife - a drill really works best
  • Some string to hang them with
  • A tea lite for the pumpkin

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