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Halloween Applique Candle


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Let's Get Started Making a Halloween Applique Candle
Halloween Applique Candle

Halloween Applique Candle

David Fisher
Here's a great, easy candle making project that will bring some ghosts or other holiday ghoulies into your house for Halloween.

For this project you'll need:

  • A pillar candle. For this project I used a 3" wide x 6" tall round pillar candle. (Black and Orange.) If you don't want to make your own pillar, you could even use a store-bought one.
  • Some wax to make the appliques. I like IGI 1343 for appliques. It's called a "cut and carve" wax and stays more pliable and bendable than other waxes, which you'll need if you're working on a round pillar. If you're using a square pillar, you can use any hard paraffin wax.
  • Some Tacky Wax. The easiest way to adhere the appliques to the pillar is with Tacky Wax or Micro 835. You can get this at some craft stores (often in the stained glass department) or here. (You can also just use melted wax to "glue" the applique on, but the Tacky Wax, if you can get it, is easier.)
  • A wide, shallow pan to pour the wax into
  • Halloween cookie cutter shapes - ghosts, pumpkins, moons, cats
  • Basic Tools and Equipment
  • Basic Understanding of Candle Making Safety

    That's it! So let's get started.

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