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Squash Lantern Holiday Candle Centerpiece

Who said that carved out squash were just for Halloween?


Squash Lantern Setup

Squash Lantern Setup

David Fisher
Looking for innovative, easy and fun ways to add some natural interest and light to your holiday candle centerpiece? This tea lite lantern, made from a carved out squash is a lovely, yet easy candle making project.

This fall, there were so many wonderful types of squashes at my local market, that I bought several to use as decorations around the house. However, for a dinner party, I made them into candle lanterns for the table setting. (This project was inspired by Gloria Nicol's Complete Book of Candles and Candle Making

For this project, you'll need:

  • A medium-sized squash - I used golden and green acorn squashes
  • A large awl or drill with drill bit - I used my drill and a 7/16" spade bit. (A large standard screwdriver would work too - though not quite as neatly as a drill bit.)
  • A sharp knife and spoon to cut open the squash and scoop out the seeds.
  • A fire safe plate and a tea lite
Step One - Using a crayon or Sharpie marker, draw a rectangle on the bottom of the squash where you want to cut the opening. I found that it works best to carve out two ridges of the squash. It seems to sit best this way.

Step Two - Cut out the hole and scoop out the seeds, making sure that all of the seeds and stringy bits are scooped out.

Step Three - Using your drill or awl, drill holes along the crevices between the ridges, spacing the holes about 3/4" apart. Drill the holes in all of the crevices. (See the pictures above.)

Step Four - Place the squash lantern on a fire safe plate with a tea lite on it.

Step Five - After you're done using it as a table setting, cut out the area that is likely to be burned/scorched above the candle, and cook the rest!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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