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Holiday Soap and Holiday Candle Projects

Have a special event or holiday that you'd like to create a special soap or candle for? Whatever the holiday or event, creating a special soap or candle will make it even more special. Pick a project - from Christmas to Valentines Day, birthdays to anniversaries, and more!
  1. Christmas Soap & Candle Projects (11)
  2. Gifts for Candle & Soap Makers (5)
  3. Halloween Soap & Candle Projects (6)
  4. Valentines Day Projects (5)

Apple Cider Soap
A holiday melt and pour soap project that evokes warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick and twist of lemon.

Pumpkin Themed Soaps and Candles
One of my favorite times of the year is that day in late September or early October when the air turns cooler and you know that summer is over....

Hanging Pumpkin Candle Holders
How to make hanging pumpkin tea lite candle holders. Great autumn candle decorating project.

Autumn Leaves Hand Soaps - Single Use Melt and Pour Holiday Soap Making Project
Bring a touch of autumn into your bathrooms and kitchens with this easy to make melt and pour soap project.

Candle Centerpiece Project - Squash Tea Lite Lantern
Looking for innovative, easy and fun ways to add some life and light to your holiday centerpiece? This tea lite lantern, made from a carved out squash is a lovely, easy project.

Father's Day Soap Recipes
Great soap recipes and gift ideas for Dad - Give him soap for Father's Day.

Springtime Fragrances for Candle and Soap Making
It's time to incorporate some of the bright, clean, green, fresh, floral and fruity fragrances into your candles and soaps. Here are my (current) favorite springtime scents for candle and soap making.

Candle Making - Bees Wax Tea Lites
Unique and easy candle making project using beeswax and cookie cutters - perfect for holiday candle table settings or center pieces

Making Pumpkin Soap - Holiday Soap Recipe
Ready for fall flavors and scents? This pumpkin scented soap uses real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice! Almost good enough to eat...and fabulous in the bath!

Christmas and Christmas Candles
Information and History of Christmas and Christmas Candles

Pumpkin Tea Light Holders - Easy Autumn Candle Holders
Instructions to make pumpkin tea light candles - easy Thanksgiving or Autumn Table Decorations

Autumn Scents Show and Tell
What are your favorite autumn scents for soap or candle making?See submissions

Spring Scents Show and Tell
What are your favorite spring scents, soaps or candles?

How to Make a St. Patrick's Day Beer Candle
Instructions on how to make a green St. Patrick's day beer candle

Make a New Year's Candle Shell
Step-by-step instructions to make a New Year's hurricane candle shell - advanced candle making project - how to make hurricane candle shells - embed photo into Shell

Diwali - the annual Hindu festival - is a perfect time to make small candles and oil lamps to decorate your home.

Springtime Soy Container Candles
Perfect for spring - these flower and insect covered containers were perfect for some soy container candles.

Gifts for Candle Makers & Soap Makers

Candy Cane Striped Melt and Pour Soap
Ingredients and equipment needed to make striped candy cane melt and pour soap

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