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Top 11 Autumn Fragrance Oils for Candles and Soap


There's a chill in the air and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. It's my favorite time of the year...and these are some of my favorite "Autumn" themed Candle and Soap Making Fragrance Oils. Not all of them are pumpkin pie and pine trees...some are more complex...but still make me think of Autumn.

1. Black Amber & Lavender

A deep and sophisticated fragrance that blends thick, sweet, rustic Amber with bold and heady Parisian Lavender. Intertwined with these two main notes is a complex Myrrh, warm vanilla, and a bit of Egyptian Musk. They also add in a bit of Clary Sage with gives it a lovely earthy feel. It's a wonderful blend of sweet, warm, thick and floral.

2. Spice

A simple name for a yummy, complex fragrance. Irresistible spices of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and clove come together with tangy orange to complete this marvelous holiday fragrance oil. Even better, it's appropriate for Halloween, Thanksgiving...or any winter-time candle or soap.

3. Mayan Gold

A luxurious fragrance that is a rich mix of wood, spice and amber. It also has some real wonderful other yummy notes like vanilla and chocolate - with some sandalwood and citrus mixed in.

4. Acorn Harvest

Very unique! Our acorn harvest fragrance is a warm earthy nutty aroma with rich buttery vanilla notes.

5. Pumpkin Pie

The fragrance I use in my Pumpkin Soap recipe. Puree of pumpkin sprinkled with spices of ginger and cinnamon. Baked to perfection in the crispiest of crusts. A holiday tradition!

6. Christmas Spice Fragrance

This seasonal standout is an irresistible blend of Yuletide spice, woods, and sweet notes. At the top, ripe strawberry melds with touches of green apple and pineapple. Next, holiday spices of clove, cinnamon, pimento, and cardamom blend with a hint of rose, leading to a long-lasting drydown of sweet vanilla and balsam fir.

7. Spiced Apple Cider

apple cider melt and pour soap
David Fisher
This apple cider fragrance is a wonderful combination of apples, oranges, and spices with a cool, green undertone. It's the fragrance I used in my Apple Cider Embed Melt and Pour Soap.

8. Brown Sugar

Alluring vanilla folds into the heart of thick sweet cream. Delicious brown sugar glazes the top of this enticing creation. A good holiday time scent! Blends nicely with spice scents and fruits.

9. Ginger Ale

Ginger Fish is a light and crisp citrus and ginger mix that is grounded with a lovely light musk. It reminds me a bit of holiday punch recipes...a little bit of orange pomanders (minus the clove) and is just otherwise a yummy, sparkly, hip blend.

10. Apple Spice

Fresh ground cinnamon generously sprinkled over tasty dried apple peel. Allspice, fresh clove bud and drips of Vermont maple complete this flavorful treat.

11. Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad fragrance is based around the dishes prepared at this festive time: revoltijo de romeritos (wild greens), Ensalada de noche Buena (Christmas Fruit Salad with lots of oranges), Ponche (a hot fruit punch), sidra (sparkling cider) and supporting notes of Flor de Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Flower). This is a complex blend that you'll enjoy making and telling the story behind it!
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