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Fragrances, Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

A discussion of fragrance and essential oils used in soap and candle making and their aromatherapy benefits.
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Melt and Pour Soap Making Holiday Gift List
Many soap makers get their start making melt and pour soap - and many soap makers never stop. While there is an ease and safety to melt and pour soap, there is also a versatility and artistry that is hard to match in cold process soap. If you have a melt and pour soap maker (or budding soap maker) on your holiday gift list, here are some...

What is a Folded Essential Oil?
Description & definition of a folded essential oil.

The Difference Between Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils
A discussion of the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils in candle making and soap making.

Essential Oil Safety
Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for you. Essential oils are powerful chemical compounds and must be used safely.

Fragrance Oil Finder
An amazing tool to help you find fragrance oils - by type, by supplier, and popularity.

Soap Scent Review Board - Soap Making Fragrance Oil Reviews and More
A wonderful forum board to get information about fragrance oil suppliers for both soap and toiletries - fragrance descriptions - blending ideas and more..

The Scent Review (Candles)
Another "Scent Review" site - this one features fragrance oil reviews specifically focused on candle makers.

Best Essential Oil Books for Candle and Soap Making
My picks for the best books on essential oils in candle and soap making

World of Aromatherapy Top Ten List
Top Ten List of Aromatherapy Oils

Essential Oils A to Z
Essential Oil Descriptions A to Z

The Aroma Room Chat
Chat and Message Forum about Aromatherapy

Grand Scentral Station
Great resource for candle fragrance oil reviews and more.

Fragrances and Aromatherapy for Candles-National Candle Association
How do you choose the proper fragrance, or amount of fragrance for your candles? Can a candle truly have aromatherapy benefits? This wonderful article from the National Candle Association explains and de-mystifies many candle fragrance issues.

Can I Use Candle Fragrances in My Soap Too?
Can you use candle fragrances in both candles and soap?

The Fragrant Mind by Valerie Ann Worwood
Valerie Ann Worwood's book "The Fragrant Mind" discusses essential oils and their special aspects from a "personality" perspective.

What is a "Part" in an Essential Oil Blend?
How to calculate and use "parts" in essential oil blends - and scale any blend to any recipe.

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