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Lavender Essential Oil in Soap Making, Candle Making and More

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Probably no single essential oil is more widely used in soap making and candle making as lavender. It is used by itself, in blends, in both soap and candles, and in a myriad of other bath and body products. It has wonderful aromatherapy benefits and (to me at least) just plain smells nice. Here is a collection of articles, information, history and projects that all feature wonderful lavender essential oil.

1. Lavender Essential Oil Profile & Information

Nancy Cohen/ Getty Images

A little bit floral, a little bit woodsy, a little bit herbal - lavender and lavender essential oils have been used for centuries to scent soaps, cosmetics, linens, candles, wash water and more. Indeed, it's name comes from the Latin lavare - to wash.

2. The Sweet Smell of Success

Patty Lyons' lavender farm is more than a business - it's a life philosophy that includes healthy living and spiritual practice.

3. How to Grow Lavender

Lavender is such a romantic flower that every gardener sooner or later succumbs to the urge to grow it.

4. Using Lavender in Cooking

If you're a soap maker, chances are you have some lavender around. But what to do with it once you've used it in your soap? Use it in the kitchen...just in moderation. This article has some wonderful recipes using lavender - several of which inspired me to create new soap recipe blends as well. (Blueberry fragrance oil mixed with lavender essential oil - divine!)

5. The Oregon Lavender Association & Festival

Lavender is grown all over the world, but the state of Oregon has taken lavender and lavender-inspiration to new heights showcasing the variety and breadth of lavender and lavender based industries. Each year, visitors get to tour lavender farms and nurseries and attend a lavender-based Artisan Fair in downtown Yamhill, Oregon. Boy...that festival must smell great!

6. Soothe Your Senses with Lavender

An article from Psychology Today that discusses the science behind the calming effects of lavender.

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