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Leave the Soap Mold to Set
Soap in Mold

Soap in Mold

David Fisher
Once filled, set the mold aside, covering it, if desired.

Now you'll need some patience. As I said earlier, because there's no heat involved, it takes a while for the saponification process to get going. It will indeed finally get going - it just takes a while. Usually, once I pour a normal batch of "on the stove" soap, it will be firm enough to unmold in about 18-24 hours. The whipped soap may take at least 24, and often as long as 36 hours to set up. This will depend on your combination of oils, the amount of water you use in the recipe, and the ambient room temperature.

So don't fret if it takes a lot longer than you're used to - that's just the way it works.

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