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Whipped Soap


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Whipped Soap Oils

Whipped Soap Oils

David Fisher
The first difference is that you have to choose your oils carefully. In normal cold process soap making, you can vary your oils, choosing a balance between soft and hard (at room temperature) oils. I like to use about 60/40 ratio. This would be 60% "hard" oils like coconut, palm, lard, tallow, palm kernel, shea butter, cocoa butter, shortening etc. and 40% "soft" oils like canola, olive, rice bran, soybean, etc.

But with the room temperature/whipped process, you want a very high percentage of hard oils - it's best to use about 80%. You need this percentage of hard oils to get the "whipped" effect.

For this batch, my recipe was:

  • 25% Lard
  • 30% Coconut
  • 25% Palm oil
  • 15% Olive oil
  • 5% Castor oil
Make sure to run your recipe through a lye calculator

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