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Whipped Soap


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Let's Make Soap Whipped (Room Temperature) Soap
Whipped Soap

Whipped Soap - Bars and "Candies"

David Fisher
If you've got the basics of cold process soap making down, here's a neat variation for you to try. I had seen this process on an Australian soap maker named Nizzy's site a few years ago, but had never tried it. The process is unique in a couple of ways - instead of beating the melted oils and lye in a hot soap pot, you whip both the oils and soap in a bowl. And instead of working at about 100 degrees, you do everything at room temperature. The result is a very white, opaque, almost candy-like soap that gives lovely pastel colors - and yes, it floats! Be sure to check out Nizzy's site especially the Gallery of Whipped Soap Simply Amazing Stuff! My humble soaps are nothing in comparison to his!

But, you've got to start somewhere, so, for this project, you'll need a basic understanding of cold process soap making, and:

  • A basic soap recipe adjusted as noted below
  • A large mixing bowl
  • A mixer with at least beater attachments - a whisk attachment is even better. (Best of all is a big KitchenAid mixer!)
  • Some rubber spatulas
  • Fragrance and color, as desired
  • A mold for the soap

Once you've got all that together, the first thing to do is tweak your recipe...

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