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Make a Lye-Water Solution for Your Cold Process Soap


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Stir the Lye and Water Together
Gently Stir the Lye and Water

Gently Stir the Lye and Water

David Fisher
Gently stir the mixture until the lye is completely dissolved.

Warning: the mixture will start to get hot, and may even begin to steam or make bubbling or boiling sounds. This is completely fine. Just continue to stir until the solution is thoroughly mixed.

Safety note: That spoon that you just used to stir the lye? Look at it closely when you pull it out of the lye solution. You can see a few drops of lye solution still on the spoon. Be sure to rinse this spoon off or put it into a pitcher of water so that those stray drops of lye don't come into contact with something they shouldn't!

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