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How to Make Soap from Scratch - Soap Making Using the Cold Process Method


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Pour the Soap Into the Mold
Pouring the Raw Soap into the Mold

Pour the Raw Soap into the Mold

David Fisher

The Homemade Soap Takes Shape

You're almost done making your soap!

By now the soap will have thickened quite a bit. Pour the raw soap into your mold using a back and forth motion to make sure that the soap evenly spreads out. Scrape the last, thick bits of soap out of the pot with a rubber spatula.

If the top of the soap in the mold is uneven, smooth it out with the spatula.

Pick the mold up and gently tap it on the counter top to dislodge and air bubbles that may have been trapped.

Set the soap in a warm, safe place to set up and begin curing.

The soap mixture will begin to get hot as the saponification process starts. Depending on the temperature of the room, it often helps to lay a towel around or over the mold to help keep it warm, and keep the reaction going strong.

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