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How to Make Soap from Scratch - Soap Making Using the Cold Process Method


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Add any Additives or Extras to Your Soap
Adding Additives to the Soap

Adding any Additives

David Fisher

Customizing Your Soap Recipe with Additives

If your soap making recipe calls for any additives like spices, natural exfoliants, flower petals, or special moisturizing oils (as your superfat oil), now is the time to add them.

As you did with the fragrance, gently stir them into the pot using the stick blender as a spoon.

Before you move on to adding the colorant, give the mixture a brief blend with the stick blender to make sure that the fragrance oil and additives are well blended in.

For this soap recipe, I'm adding some lavender buds to the soap. The saponification process will make them turn brown, but, even brown, they add a nice texture and interest to the soap.

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