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How to Make Soap from Scratch - Soap Making Using the Cold Process Method


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Add the Lye Solution to the Soap Making Pot
Adding the Lye to the Oils in the Pot

Add the Lye-Water to the Soap Pot

David Fisher

The Actual Soap Making Process Begins

Here's where things really start "cooking!"

Make sure all of your soap making additives, color, and fragrance are ready to go, and readily at hand. Make sure you've got all of the spoons, measuring cups, spatulas and whisks you're going to need nearby.

Grab your handy stick blender, and let's roll.

Slowly add the lye-water mixture to the soap pot. The oils will immediately start to turn cloudy. Using the stick blender as a spoon (not turning it on,) blend the lye-water into the oils. This is the true beginning of the saponification process.

Set the lye pitcher aside (in a safe place,) and we'll begin blending.

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