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Cold Process Soap Making

Ready to get started making some real soap? Gather your equipment, ingredients, and your great idea and let's make some soap!
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How to Clean Up the Soap Pot
After you've finished making your soap, you have to deal with the cleanup. Here's now to safely clean up after soapmaking.

Where to Buy Lye in Europe, Canada & Australia
Without lye, there is no soap. But it can be hard to find good quality pure lye. Here are some places you can get it.

How Creating a Soap Recipe is a Lot Like Making Banana Bread
How is creating a soap recipe like adjusting a banana bread recipe?

Cold Process Soap Making - Step By Step
Step by step instructions to make cold process soap

Creating a Basic Soap Recipe
Create your own soap recipe from scratch - balance your oils and get exactly the results you want.

Cold Process Soap Making Videos
An extra bit of "how to" to get you started, along with the full instructions in the written step-by-step instructions on the site - videos of soap making, lye making and the elusive "trace."

Making Soap with Milks (Goat's, Coconut, Buttermilk)
Many soapers make soap with goat's milk, coconut milk, or even buttermilk. Follow these steps to get the best results.

Making Soap with Liquids Other than Water
You're not limited to just using distilled water in your soap making. Many soapers make soap with goat's milk, coconut milk, coffee, tea or even beer. Making the lye solution for your soap is a bit more tricky though.

Goat's Milk Soap
How to make goat's milk soap - recipe and instructions.

Whipped Soap
Step by step instructions to make whipped soap - room temperature cold process soap

Soap Making Sources for Lye - Where to Buy Lye for Soap Making
Without lye, there is no soap. But the most common supplier for home-based soap makers, Red Devil, has been discontinued. Here are some places you can get it.

How To Make an Herbal Oil Infusion for Soap Making
Directions on How To Make an Herbal Oil Infusion for Soap Making

Measurements vs Percentages in Soap Making
It is important to use percentages rather than measurements in cold process soap making. It allows you to scale your recipe to any size as well as understand the proportions of each oil in the recipe.

How to Superfat Your Cold Process Soap Recipes
Superfatting cold process soap recipes is common - it adds extra moisturizing qualities and gives you a fudge factor.

Make a Lye Solution for Cold Process Soap
Step by step instructions to safely make a lye-water solution for use in making cold process soap

Using Flower Petals in Soap
Using flower petals in your soap making recipes can yield wonderful results but beware - using flower petals in cold process soap turns the flowers black or brown - proper usage of flowers in cold process soap making

Cold Process Soap Making Holiday Gift List
Soap makers get started making soap for a variety of reasons...and in a variety of ways. For some, it's a book that inspires. For others, a desire to make your own soap, from scratch, by hand. If you're a soap maker, or aspiring soap maker, or if you have a soap maker on your holiday gift list, here are some great ingredients, kits and tools to...

How to Make Soap with Heavy Whipping Cream
How to make soap using heavy cream in the lye solution.

Soap Making Recipes Directory
Directory of soap making recipes from basic soap making recipes to soaps with botanical additives to specialty soaps

What is Ash on Soap
Explanation of what "ash" is on freshly made soap - what causes it and how to prevent it.

Inexpensive or No-Cost Soap Molds to Get You Started Making Soap
Inexpensive and no-cost soap molds to help you get started making soap!

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