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Prayer or Devotional Candles for Everyday Use


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Make Prayer Candles for Everyday Use
Prayer Candles

Prayer/Devotional Candles

David Fisher
Whether you call it a devotion or a prayer, lighting a candle for someone is a powerful ritual act...and common in many religions and traditions. The prayer candles that I grew up with...and that most people are familiar with are the tall jar variations that burn for 7 or 14 days. They are often adorned with an image or a prayer - and the thought/belief is that the image or prayer is held in spirit while the candle is lit.

Here is a method to make your own custom prayer or devotional candles with text and images of your own choosing. You can use them to hold a special person, holiday or prayer in mind...or you can use them for more decorative rather than devotional purposes. They are easy to make, and impressive in your personal spaces - whether that's a table, an altar, a mantle or just a counter top.

The candles I have here are (from left to right) purely decorative (an old cupid painting with a love poem on the back), celebrating an anniversary, and the three wise men of Christmas.

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