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How to Make Floating Candles


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Let's Get Started Making Floating Candles
Floating Candles

Floating Candles

David Fisher
There is one instance where fire and water do mix - Floating Candles.

I love floating candles. The movement of the flame is amplified and increased by the movement in the water. For this project you'll need:

  • Wax - I used a votive blend here
  • Wick - I used untabbed zinc core wick, suitable for a 1-2" candle.
  • A small mold of some sort. The only requirement on the mold for a floating candle is that it be larger at the top than it is on the bottom. Many candle supply companies sell "tart" or "floater" molds. I used a mini-muffin tray here.
  • Basic Candle Making Equipment
  • Basic understanding of Candle Making Safety
  • Assemble all of your equipment and ingredients and let's get started!

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