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Citronella Candle Torches


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Let's Get Started Making Citronella Candle Torches
Citronella Candle Torches

Citronella Candle Torches

David Fisher
Need some fiery accents for your barbeque or backyard get-together? Have some giant mosquitoes to repel? You can get both with these jumbo dipped outdoor candles.

The principle for these candles is the same as any dipped candle, except that instead of a simple wick serving as the core, we're adding a stick or cane and brown paper. The stick allows you to place the torch in the ground or a flower pot and gives the candle rigidity. It also (along with the brown paper) makes for a big flame, that will stand up to most breezes.

I've seen these candle torches in a variety of sizes, from 8" mini-torches that are good for table tops, to jumbo torches that were over 2 feet! The ones I'm making are about 18" high and are useable both in the ground or in a flower pot arrangement.

For this project you'll need:

  • Stick to match the size torch you want - I'm using an 18" wooden dowel, 3/8" in diameter.
  • Strips of brown paper, approximately 1" wide
  • Enough wax to make your torches (I used about 4 lbs.) - I used a general-purpose basic paraffin wax - though most any non-container blend (pillar, votive, etc.) wax will do. You can even use your recycled scrap wax.
  • Medium sized raw wick - I'm using a #1 square braid wick - you can use any wick that's appropriate for a 1-2" pillar candle.
  • Dipping can - (I'll talk more about this later)
  • Citronella or other mosquito-repelling essential oil blend
  • Wax dye for the overdip, if desired
  • Basic understanding of candlemaking safety

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