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Step One - Assemble Your Materials - Balloon Candle Making Project
Balloon Candle

Balloon Candle

David Fisher
For an interesting and unique candle project, you can make a wax shell using a water balloon. These shells can be filled with wax or used as hurricane-type shells with small candles inside, or they can be used as the base for projects like ghost candles or jack o'lantern candles. The limits to what you can do with them is only limited to your imagination.

For this project you'll need:

  • A small water balloon
  • A high melting point wax - a hurricane wax like IGI 1014, or a standard melt point wax with some Micro 180 or other clear "crystals" type wax additive. Be sure, if you're using an additive, that it will allow the wax to remain translucent
  • A pot, can or other container to dip the balloon into. I usually just use my melt pot set onto a cookie sheet in the sink.
  • A wire twist tie
  • Color and/or fragrance, if desired
  • Standard candle making equipment: melt pot, burner, etc
  • Eye protection. Sometimes the balloons can burst which can splatter wax and water. Wear eye protection!
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