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Topping Off with a Heat Gun

A Heat Gun Covers a Myriad of Errors and Defects


Topping Off a Votive with a Heat Gun

Topping Off a Votive with Heat Gun

David Fisher
No one likes to do second pours with wax blends that shrink (which is many of them!). Or having to repour a candle because of a scratch, nick or blemish.

But there's a secret weapon for the candlemaker - the amazing heat gun!

Heat guns, found at your local hardware store, can fix an myriad of errors, defects and shrinkages.

  • With waxes that shrink, like pillar blends, just remelt the top of the candle until it's level again. This works in votive molds too.
  • Use heat guns to warm metal molds before pouring.
  • Use them to smooth out minor imperfections on the candles.
  • Use them to help you get pesky, sticking candles out of their molds.
  • Heat guns make clean up a snap. Just use the gun to remelt the wax left in the mold or pouring pot and wipe it out with a paper towel. Easy!

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