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Candle Making Instructions

Ready to get started making candles? Pick which variety of candle you'd like to make and let's get started!
  1. Molded and Pillar Candles (8)
  2. Votive & Container Candles (16)

Prayer or Devotional Candles for Everyday Use
Step by step instructions to make your own custom prayer or devotional candles.

Testing a Fragrance Oil for Polarity
Instructions for Testing a Fragrance Oil for Polarity - Gel Candle Making Safety

Citronella Candle Torches
How to make dipped citronella torch candles - use outdoors for natural mosquito repellent - or just great outdoor ambiance!

Make Floating Candles - Candle Making Instructions
How to make basic floating candles - transform a plain bowl of water into a stunning centerpiece.

Balloon Candles - Unique Candle Making Project
Using a simple balloon, you can make interesting candle shells that can be used in a number of fun projects

Candle Making Basics - Tools, Materials, Safety and Instructions
Candles make a house more cozy, romantic, and beautiful. Indeed, they help make a house into a "home." Bring some hand made light into your home by making your own candles.

Make a Simple Votive Candle-Beginner Candle Making Project
Easy candle making project-make a simple votive candle-step by step instructions

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