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Candle Making Videos


Sometimes seeing something done in real time is really helpful to understanding just how it works. These candle making videos give you an overview of basic candle making techniques and ingredients. For more in depth tutorials, follow up withe the online versions of the projects.

1. How to Make Container Candles

David Fisher
Many candle makers get their start making container candles - they are fun, pretty easy, and you can use any variety of containers to store them. See how to get started in container candle making.

2. How to Make Votive Candles

David Fisher
Votive candles are one of the easiest candles to make, and are also usually the first experiments that candle makers take on. See what supplies you'll need to begin making votive candles, then watch how it's done.

3. How to Make Marbled Container Candles

With just a few drops of colorant, you can make a unique variation on your standard container candles. See how to marble them with color with these simple steps.

4. How to Make Rolled Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles Video
David Fisher
Beeswax candles are easy to make, and with a little creativity, you can cut different designs or use multiple colors to give them a unique look. See what supplies you need to make beeswax candles, and learn how to create them at home.

5. How to Make Beeswax Ornaments

How to Make Beeswax Ornaments
David Fisher
If you like making candles, then you can use your hobby's supplies to try out a fun and simple craft: beeswax ornaments. Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with these easy to make beeswax holiday ornaments.
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