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Outdoor Candles Projects

Candles can add to your outdoor enjoyment!


While candles are often most associated with bringing light and warmth into the cold and darkness, they can also add wonderful ambiance to outdoor activities when the weather is warmer and the sun is still out. Here are some candle making projects specifically designed for the outdoors.

1. Outdoor Container Candles in Buckets

Outdoor Bucket Container Candles
David Fisher
These candles were specifically designed to be mosquito repelling, but if you use a smaller (appropriate for your container, not oversized for citronella candles) wick, you can scent them however you like...or even leave them unscented. I love a set of these candles on a planter wall, or in strategic places around the deck.

2. Outdoor Candle Torches

David Fisher
These are actually a variant on the dipped taper candle. Except instead of dipping a wick, you're dipping a wrapped stick. Like the bucket container candles above, you can make them with a citronella essential oil blend...or leave them unscented.

3. Sand Candles

Sand Candles
David Fisher
Yes...they are just as fun to make as you remember.
And while they don't technically have to be burned, or I suppose even made outdoors, I have always thought of these as a playground, sandbox or at least backyard candle.

4. Hanging Pumpkin Candles

hanging pumpkin candles
David Fisher
These would qualify as a fall outdoor candle, not a spring and summer outdoor candle, if for no other reason than for the availability of pumpkins or squash. But whatever part of the year you make them, they're a wonderful addition to any porch. And if it's not Halloween, just make a non-jack-o-lantern design like the candle on the right.

5. Hurricane Candle Shells

David Fisher
They can withstand a hurricane...right?
Well, I hope to not have to test that out...but these shells do make great outdoor candle holders for a votive candle...preventing the breezes from blowing the candle out...and they offer added safety by giving a bit of protection from the flame and any napkins, sleeves or fingers that may go astray.

6. Mosquito Repelling Votive Candles

David Fisher
Like the torches and buckets above, these are just basic candles, that can be made with a citronella essential oil blend to keep your outdoors a little more insect-free.
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