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How to Make an Easy Votive Candle


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Prepare the Mold for the Votive Candle
Setting the Wick

Setting the Wick

David Fisher
Prepare your molds (I'm using 3 oz. paper Dixie Cups here) by setting them in a low tray or pan. Take your prepared wick and wrap the top of the wick around a craft stick, or like I've done here, slide the tip of the wick through a slit in a plastic drinking straw. Hang the straw or stick over the top of the mold/cup so that the wick hangs down the center. The wick tab should touch the bottom of the cup firmly, without causing bends in the wick.

If you get hooked on candle making and want to invest in some more equipment, you can invest in some votive molds and wick pins.

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