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How to Make an Easy Votive Candle


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How to Make an Easy Votive Candle
Setup for Basic Candlemaking

Setup for Basic Candlemaking

David Fisher

Many candle makers start out making votive candles. They're easy and don't require a lot of materials or equipment. These are even simpler in that they use paper cups instead of molds with votive pins. Let's get started making an easy votive candle!

Step 1 isn't chopping or melting or stirring or pouring--Step 1 is preparing your workspace.
This will help insure both a safe candle making project and an accurate one.
Here you see a basic candle making setup:

  1. hot-plate or stove top
  2. double boiler setup
  3. scale to weigh wax and fragrance
  4. wax in a melting pot
  5. colorant and fragrance oil
  6. spoons or a chopstick to stir the wax
  7. prepared molds.
Notice also the notebook and pen. These are perhaps your most helpful candle making tools.
Before you start, write down:
  1. the date
  2. the project (type of candle you’re making)
  3. the amount and type of wax you’re using
  4. the type of wick you’re using
  5. the amount and type of fragrance you’re using
  6. the type of colorant you’re using and an estimate of the amount you’ll use. Leave a space for the “actual” amount used.
Leave space for notes about the project. They will prove invaluable for you to refer to if you want to repeat or not repeat anything on the project.
The ingredients for this project are:
  • 6- 3 oz. Dixie Cups
  • 6- 2.5" zinc-core wicks
  • 14.5 oz. of "Votive-blend" Paraffin Wax
  • 1 oz. of fragrance oil
  • 10 drops of yellow candle dye
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