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Candle Making Basics - How to Make Candles

Start here to get all the information you'll need to learn the basics of candlemaking and make your first handmade candle. Gather your candle making tools, pick a project, and start making candles!
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  2. Beeswax Projects (10)
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  4. Candle Making Instructions (33)
  5. Gel Candles (3)
  6. Projects for Beginners (8)
  7. Tips & Troubleshooting (15)
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  9. Wicks and Waxes (9)

What Kind of Salt Can I Use in Bath Salts - Bath Salts Varieties - Salts for...
What Kind of Salt Can I Use in Bath Salts? Can I use table or kosher salt in bath salts?

Guide to Waxes for Candle Making
If you're going to make candles, you're going to have to know about wax. But where to start? What kind of wax do you use to make what kind of candle? Many candle makers swear by their particular favorite wax. The most important thing for a candle maker though, is that they understand the characteristics of their particular wax, and the types of candles it can make.

Types of Candles
We all know a candle is a combination of wax and wick...but past that there are many different varieties of candles. Even if you take scent and color out of the mix, there is still an amazing array of different shapes, sizes, methods and purposes for candles. Here is a list of the major types of candles that most candle makers will encounter...

Candle Making Videos
Sometimes seeing something done in real time is really helpful to understanding just how it works. That was the idea behind these candle making videos of basic candle making techniques.

Candle Making Projects Directory
Directory of Candle Projects at Candle and Soap Making at About.com

Outdoor Candles Projects
While candles are often most associated with bringing light and warmth into the cold and darkness, they can also add wonderful ambiance to outdoor activities when the weather is warmer and the sun is still out. Here are some candle making projects specifically designed for the outdoors.

Calculating the Volume of Wax Needed for a Candle Mold
Calculate how much wax you need to fill a particular candle mold.

Soap & Candle Projects Inspired by Beverages
Candle and Soap projects - all inspired by drinks and beverages.

Using Flowers & Vegetables in Soap Making & Candle Making
A garden of possibilities abound when you use flowers and vegetables to incorporate into and inspire your soap making and candle making.

Candle Making Information
Candle making information and projects - from easy beeswax projects to advanced projects

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