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"SoapMaker" Software

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The Bottom Line

This is amazing software! There are a lot of templates out there that help with the creation or resizing of recipes, but I have never found one that is as complete and easy to use as this one. Does every soap maker need it? Not necessarily. If you're just beginning, or only making a batch now and then, you can rely on the online calculators. But if you're making a lot of soap, and especially if you're selling your soap, this software is better than anything I've seen out there!


  • Design recipes from scratch - easily and quickly
  • Resize recipes for different molds or batch sizes
  • Perform easy cost calculations for different oils and bar sizes
  • Compare recipes to benchmarks or to each other
  • Compare lather, hardness and moisturizing qualities


  • No Mac version available


  • Allows you to create recipes by either entering amount or percentage.
  • Compares your recipe to the benchmark (or other recipes) in real time as you add or subtract oils.
  • Easy to resize the batch for a new or different mold.
  • Allows you to adjust water discount easily.
  • Has nearly all available soap making oils in its database and allows you to add new oils
  • Comes in two versions: "Lite" and "Professional"
  • Lite Version is $39
    Professional Version is $69
  • They even give you a 30-day free test to try the software out for yourself!
  • Be careful though, you'll get hooked like I did.

Guide Review - "SoapMaker" Software

There are lots of online resources for soap makers. Several vendors have online lye calculators that you can use to formulate recipes. Some even give feedback as to the qualities of the soap recipe you are entering.

When I first started making soap, I used several of these, but wanted something more customizable for my particular recipes. I spent hours and hours and hours tweaking an Excel template to get it just right - getting it to to calculate the lye, scale the recipe, figure in batch costs, and add in notes. All of that work could have been saved if I had had this software! It does all that my Excel spreadsheet does and more. The main feature that I like is the ability to enter in molds and have the program resize the batch for that particular mold. This is especially great if you're making test batches in small box molds, or using more intricate single cavity molds. It allows you to calculate the mold volume based on cubic inches or even fluid ounces! No more wasted soap.

I also like the ability to compare the basic qualities (hardness, lather, moisturizing) of the soap to a benchmark in real time. When I was creating my Grocery Store Soap recipe, I was able to easily compare it to my standard time-tested recipe and adjust the ingredients accordingly. Now I use it for every batch of soap I make!

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