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The Cat in the Candle Factory - A Review

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Cat in the Candle Factory

Cat in the Candle Factory

Steeple Ridge Publications

The Bottom Line

The Cat in the Candle Factory by Barbara L. Johns is a delightful book that will entertain children of all ages, especially children of candle makers.
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  • Delightful story for children, cat lovers or candle lovers
  • Wonderful, colorful illustrations
  • Heartwarming story about a hardworking cat
  • It's based on the life of a real candle factory cat


  • There's not a part 2 yet! Leaves us hanging wondering what happens next.


  • Wonderful, colorful book with bold bright illustrations for young children.
  • Small enough for early readers to hold themselves.
  • A heartwarming story of a dedicated and inventive cat and her candle making owner.

Guide Review - The Cat in the Candle Factory - A Review

"It wasn't easy being the only cat at the Clark County Candle Factory. Midnight was exhausted." So starts our story of a self-assured and inventive cat that not only helps her owner run the Candle Factory, but also helps him design a marvelous candle making machine out of roller skate wheels and bicycle chains.

Midnight's contributions help business to boom, but at the sacrifice of too many catnaps. Groggy from a hard night's work chasing mice and checking the machinery, Midnight slips and ends up heading to the vet! She heals quickly, and her owner Grady finds a way to help Midnight out with her duties at the Candle Factory. The book ends, "So the factory was fine until Christmas...but that's another story!" As a candle maker, cat lover and Father, I can't wait until the next episode in the story of Midnight, the candle maker's assistant!

The story is based on a real cat in a candle factory, too. When Barbara Johns bought the Davisburg Candle Factory in the early 1980s, a black cat named Midnight came with it. Though not quite the same savvy assistant that the Midnight in the books is, the cat was quite a fixture in the candle factory, living there for many years after Ms. Johns sold the company.

Now the soon-to-be first-time grandmother is now working full-time as a children's author and (thankfully) has plans for a Christmas sequel next year to "The Cat in the Candle Factory."

I can't wait.

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