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The Complete Candlemaker by Norma Coney

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Complete Candle Maker

Complete Candlemaker

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The Bottom Line

A great, down to earth, basic book that is indeed very "complete"! Norma covers the whole gamut of candle making in an easy to understand fashion. A great book to explore the vast array of different techniques, types and styles of candles.
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  • Over 40 candlemaking techniques are covered - it really is complete!
  • Gorgeous photos of a wide array of wonderful candles.
  • Detailed discussion of basic equipment, supplies and safety.
  • Fairly well detailed instructions for projects
  • Fun historical sidebars talk about the history of candlemaking.


  • Only some of the photos actually match the projects in the book.
  • No discussion of commercially available wicks or wax.


  • A great basic book that covers the breadth of candle styles, techniques and types.
  • Projects ranging from containers to cut and curl - with basic instructions for making them.
  • Well written, easy to understand instructions on the projects.
  • Good basic instructions in safety, equipment and supplies, though a bit out of date.
  • Lot's of used copies available!

Guide Review - The Complete Candlemaker by Norma Coney

If you're looking for a great basic book on candle making that covers pretty much everything from A to Z, you can't go wrong with TheComplete Candlemaker. Everything from container candles to hand dipped tapers to specialty finishes is covered. I wouldn't recommend it as your only candlemaking book, but it should certainly be on the shelf! Though candle making is an ancient art form, the book feels a bit out of date. The recipes for the candles are all based on making your own blends of pure paraffin, stearic acid and other additives - important to understand for an advanced candle maker, but not really that necessary for a beginner with all of the great wax blends readily available today. Several of the step-by-step projects are well illustrated, but I wish more of them were. There are many gorgeous candles pictured, but I wanted more pics of the actual project candles.
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