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Candlemaker's Companion Review

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Candlemaker's Companion

Candlemaker's Companion

Storey Publishing

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a serious candlemaking reference book, this is an outstanding choice. Oppenheimer's book covers:
  • the practical: basic "how-to" instructions for most every type of candle imaginable
  • the technical: how all this works, and why...and the history behind it
  • the creative: making candles of your own design and great basic project instructions
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  • Wonderful broad overview of just about every aspect of candlemaking
  • Good balance of traditional and modern techniques and ingredients
  • One of the best explanation of "candle notes" (and why they're so important) I've seen in a book
  • Great overview of equipment and additives


  • Much more geared towards candlemakers who want details and procedures rather than ideas
  • Line drawings instead of photos give the book a quaintness - but aren't as illustrative
  • May be a bit intimidating for a complete beginner


  • A great book to get you started...and an even better reference book for advanced users
  • Easy to understand, detailed instructions...
  • Chock full of interesting trivia, background, history and exotic ingredient information

Guide Review - Candlemaker's Companion Review

There are two books on my shelf that I refer back to more than any of the others: The Soapmaker's Companion, by Susan Miller Cavitch, and The Candlemaker's Companion by Betty Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer subtitles her book "A Complete Guide to Rolling, Pouring, Dipping, and Decorating Your Own Candles" - and complete it is. If you want to see just how diverse, broad and wide ranging candles and candlemaking is, this book will show you. From spermaceti wax to making your own molds to storing and wrapping your candles, it's covered in this book.

Though there are no photos, the line drawings are good and though there are several good "how-to" projects, it's more of a reference book than a "how-to" book.

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