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How to Make a Hurricane Candle Shell


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Let's Get Started Making a Hurricane Candle Shell
Hurricane Shell Setup

Hurricane Shell Set up

David Fisher
Hurricane candles are a nifty candle making variation that creates a shell of wax that you insert a votive candle into. When the votive is gone, you just insert another one and enjoy the candle again. It's made like a candle, but is really more of a candle holder.

I don't think they would quite protect a candle flame from a hurricane (nor would I want to test this theory out) but I do know that they'll protect a flame from a light breeze. I also like them at occasions where there are lots of people or children - in that they make the candle flame a little less accessible.

When a votive candle is placed inside a hurricane candle, it gives off a lovely simple glow from inside. Many people accentuate this by embedding flowers, photos, candy or any number of other items into the shell to give an even more intricate look.

For this step-by-step, we're just going to be making a simple shell though. Once you've mastered that, check out photo hurricane candles.

For this project you'll need

  • Basic candle making tools and equipment
  • A high-melt point wax like IGI 1014, or at least a pillar wax with a wax additive that will raise the melting point of the wax.
  • A large, flat bottomed pillar or hurricane shell mold
  • Set up for a water bath
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