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How to Make Salt Soap Bars


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Create Your Salt Bar Soap Recipe
mixed soap ready for the salt to be added

Mixed soap ready for the salt to be added

David Fisher
The first thing to do is create the recipe you're going to use for the soap. For your recipe, you're going to use a lot of coconut oil.

For these bars to lather at all, you need to use a lot of coconut oil. So a basic recipe like this:

  • 30% coconut
  • 30% palm
  • 35% olive
  • 5% castor
should be modified to:
  • 75% coconut
  • 10% palm
  • 10% olive
  • 5% castor
Some folks will keep it really simple and just do 80% coconut and 20% olive or some other single oil. I think more complex combinations of oils make better lather, so I'll tend to use more oils in a recipe - even if they're only in small amounts.

The recipe I used for this batch was:

  • 19.5 oz coconut (75%)
  • 2.6 oz. lard (10%)
  • 2.6 oz. sunflower (10%)
  • 1.3 oz. castor (5%)
  • 4 oz. lye (approx 8% superfat)
  • 8.5 oz. water
Feel free to use your own mix of oils. (I used lard instead of palm and sunflower instead of olive in my recipe - but palm and olive would have been wonderful as well.) But, as always, when you adjust or change an ingredient in your recipe, be sure to run the new recipe through a lye calculator.

Mix your lye solution, measure and melt your oils, and blend the lye and the oils just like you would in any other cold process soap batch.

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