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Milk Soap Recipe Using Heavy or Whipping Cream


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How to Make a "Milk Soap" with Heavy Whipping Cream
set up for heavy cream milk soap

Setup, ingredients and tools for making milk soap with heavy cream

David Fisher
Soap's made with milk are rich, creamy and extra moisturizing. Part of this comes from the extra fat in the milk, and part comes from the additional proteins and ingredients in the milk itself. There are a couple of preparation steps you need to take in order to best make milk soaps - and a few different methods for incorporating milk into your soap.

You can:

  1. Use the milk in place of the water when making your lye solution
  2. Use half water and half milk in the recipe - making your lye solution with the half water, and adding the milk to the oils
  3. Use powdered milk added at trace
For more information about these three methods check out:
Making Soap with Goat's Milk (The procedure is mostly the same with any kind of milk.)
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I had a quart of heavy cream that I wasn't going to use for cooking, so decided to use it in soap. I used methods #1 and #2 to make the soap.

You can add milk to any soap making recipe by just incorporating the milk in one of the three methods above. The recipe I used was:

  • 27% palm oil
  • 27% coconut oil
  • 27% olive oil
  • 5% castor oil
  • 14% almond oil
The actual recipe to make a 2 lb. batch of soap was:
  • 5.3 oz. palm oil
  • 5.3 oz. coconut oil
  • 5.3 oz. olive oil
  • 1 oz. castor oil
  • 2.75 oz. almond oil
  • 2.9 oz. lye
  • 5.8 oz. water
  • .9 oz. fragrance oil
Important Note: When you are calculating a recipe using heavy or whipping cream, be sure to take into account, or at least be aware of the extra fat content in the cream. Heavy cream has 36% milk fat in it, as compared to 4-6% fat in goat's or cow's milk. You may want to adjust your recipe to allow for that extra fat. I cover two ways to do this on the last page of this tutorial - or jump right there now.

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