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Advanced Candle Making & Soap Making Projects and Techniques

Ready to try some more adventurous projects? Or just want to look ahead at just how broad the world of soap and candle making is? Check out these more complex projects and tips.
  1. Gel Candle Making

Pumpkin Pie Soap
A cold process soap recipe made with real pumpkin in it that looks like a slice of pumpkin pie.

Cola Themed Gel Candle
Make a gel candle that looks like ice cubes and cola!

Marbling Cold Process Soap Techniques with Irene Linauer
If you want to know how to swirl and marble your cold process soap - Irene Linauer's DVD will teach you how.

Making Swirled Soap Using the Column Swirl Method
How to use the column swirl method to make amazing swirled soap.

Photo Candle - Candle Decal or Embedded Hurricane Shell
How to add a photo to your candles using either waterslide decals or embedding photos into a hurricane shell

Make a Hurricane Candle Shell
Step-by-step instructions to make a hurricane candle shell - advanced candle making project - how to make hurricane candle shells

Making Soap with Milks (Goat's, Coconut, Buttermilk)
Making the lye solution with milk or cream gives wonderful results and great soap!

Making Soap with Liquids Other than Water
You're not limited to just using distilled water in your soap making. Many soapers make soap with goat's milk, coconut milk, coffee, tea or even beer. Making the lye solution for your soap is a bit more tricky though.

Creating Your Own Essential Oil Blends
Want to try your nose at creating a custom essential oil blend? It's not hard at all. This simple blending guide will get you started creating your own personal, custom blends.

Hot Process Soap Making
Are you comfortable with the steps to make cold process soap, but wish the curing time needed was less? Hot Process Soap Making is a variation where the soap is "cooked" for a while after being mixed. It's a little tricky, but can yield great results.

Balloon Candles - Unique Candle Making Project
Using a simple balloon, you can make interesting candle shells that can be used in a number of fun projects

How to Make Salt Soap Bars
How to make a salt bar - recipe and soap making instructions

Whipped Soap Christmas Treat
Whipped soap cupcakes look good enough to eat - but don't, they're made from whipped soap. Great Christmas gift.

How to Make Soap with Heavy Whipping Cream
How to make soap using heavy cream in the lye solution.

What is Your Favorite Soap Making Recipe?
My favorite soap making recipes - and how to create your own recipes for soap.

Can You Use Milk to Rebatch or Hand-Milled Soap?
Can milk be used in rebatched and hot process soaps?

Making Swirled Soap Using the "Column Swirl" Method
Gallery of photos showing the "column swirl" method of soap making

Four Color In-the-Mold Soap Swirl
Demonstration of a four color soap making swirl using neon bright pigments and micas.

Apple Cider Soap
An advanced melt and pour soap making project that uses a rolled soap multi-layered embed.

Examples of Different Ways to Package Your Soap
Packaging your soap takes your wonderful creation and finishes it off - ready to give or to sell.

Pine Tar Soap Recipe
How to make pine tar soap - information, ingredients and instructions.

Soleseife or Brine/Salt Water Soap Recipe
How to make soleseife or brine/salt water water soap - soleseife recipe

Layered "Ombre" Style Soap Project
How to make layered "ombre" soap - advanced soap coloring project

Swirl Swirl Swirl - How to Make Swirls in Your Cold Process Soap
How to create magnificent swirls in your soap - cold process swirl tutorials and videos

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